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03-Mar|Shave, Save, or Style RevJo's Beard!

Join us on March 3rd, as we conclude our Shave, Save, or Style Pastor Jonathan's beard event--Transfigure the Beard-- to raise funds for our youth trip to Montreat Conference Center this summer. It all starts with worship at 10am as we gather to worship on the special Sunday known as Transfiguration of the Lord Sunday, the Sunday that leads us into Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent. We'll share communion as part of worship. Following worship, we have lunch together as a community, then reveal the final fundraising figures to see which choice--shave, save, or style--wins the fundraising competition. The choice that raised the most money is what will happen to Pastor Jonathan's beard: Will it be shaved completely off? Will it be shaved into a new style? OR, will it be saved and left alone?! We'll have a barber on site that day if shave it or style it wins! You can still donate to the fundraiser and choose! Contact Heather Daniels at to get details about how to contribute and indicate your choice!

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