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What to Expect When You Come to Visit Us

When and Where Do you Worship?

  • We worship at 300 Rogers Street, on the corner of Main and Rogers in the Village District

  • Worship begins at 10:00am

  • We have an adult small group class that starts at 8:45am.  

  • Cancellations or changes due to weather are communicated through our Facebook page

We Welcome Children in Worship


The PrayGround

Where would Jesus have had children sit during worship? Right up front, of course! Jesus said ~ Let the little children come to Me…so we at KoHS believe the best spot for families with young children is at the PrayGround.

Located at the front left of our Sanctuary is a special spot for Families to worship together.  The Kiddos can quietly play while taking in all of the traditions of our Worship service and Parents can participate in Worship in a relaxed setting.


The WiggleRoom

We encourage children to be with us in Worship, however, we understand that we all need a little WiggleRoom, too. You’ll find it stocked with toys, books, a changing table, rocker, and more.

Parents, you are welcome to use the WiggleRoom at any time for a Wiggle-break with your children.

Do I Have to Wear a suit & tie/dress?

Is this a formal worship service?

No, dress is come as you are.  Typically, our members dress casually and Pastor Jonathan often preaches in casual clothes, but on special occasions he puts on a robe.  He typically wears a stole to signify his ministerial role.

Is There Parking?

Parking for first time guests is in the yard beside the church and along the driveway behind the church.  With new construction on Rogers Street, it is easiest to enter from Main Street into our driveway (behind the church.)

What Else Should I Know about the Facilities?

Bathrooms:  Restrooms are located to the left hand side of the sanctuary toward the front.  Please see one of our greeting members for exact location.


As a nearly 100 year old building, the sanctuary we rent has accessibility limits.  We are currently working on a plan that will be in consultation with the owners and will address accessibility issues.

What is the worship service like?

As you arrive, you'll be greeted and given a worship bulletin/program.  The bulletin provides you the "liturgy", or order of service, for the day.  We typically have a service with a Call to Worship, Prayer of Confession, some hymn singing, an Affirmation of Faith, along with a Pastoral Prayer, and Scripture readings and sermon based on the Word of God.  We finish out our service with a collection of tithes and offerings.

Following the worship service, you're invited to a time of connecting with others.

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