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Our worship services bring praise and honor to the Triune God--Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer--who is Sovereign over our lives and over the world.

In worship we acknowledge God's presence in the world and in our lives and respond to the Lord's claim to us and redemptive action in Jesus Christ.

As we gather to worship, we invest ourselves wholly--body, mind, and spirit--to be transformed and renewed.

Our common life in Christ drives our worship services, and the Cross and Resurrection are at the heart of our proclamation.


Use of music and the arts allows us all to bring our unique gifts to moments of worship.  Never for the sake of entertainment, music and artistic interpretations of God's Word are offerings given by participants in worship to the glory of God and in gratitude to Christ's gift of unconditional love.

We welcome and seek various forms of music and artistic expressions to our worship services.  

While our dominant form of music has been congregational hymn-singing and more traditional service music, we have also experienced contemporary forms of music as well.


As an inclusive community, we plan our worship services to reflect the rich diversity of worshipping styles of which we are aware.

We value the use of "liturgy" as a way to encourage participation in the worship service and so we have corporate calls to worship, prayers of confession, and affirmations of faith.  From time to time, Scripture may be read in unison or responsively. 


The inclusion of these elements of worship are also a reflection of our Reformed heritage.


Pastor Jonathan Sherrod is the lead preacher at KoHS with occasional preaching from the Associate Pastors and Senior Pastor at the Kirk of Kildaire, our partner church.

Sermons are centered on the Word of God with readings from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and the New Testament.

Pastor Jonathan uses a variety of styles and approaches to sharing the Word proclaimed, but his most dominant style is extemporaneous and conversational.

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