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05-Mar-2023 | Jam Drive

KoHS is sponsoring an entire shelf for jams, jellies, and honey for the remainder of 2023.

As the Federal COVID Food Supplement Program ends, the need for all types of food has increased. Our sponsorship of the jams and jellies shelf will not only put this staple in the kitchens of families, but also in the backpacks for track-out students in need.

We’re kicking off our year long sponsorship in conjunction with “March Madness” . Bring your jams, jellies, and honey jars through March and early April to stock the “KoHS shelf” at the HSFC. Place your jars in your team’s crate for some friendly “March Madness” competition and bragging rights.

For additional information or questions contact Mary Tucker, KoHS Mission Team @

Thank you for supporting those in need in our community.

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