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KOHS Youth Group Begins Sep 8th

​We'll kick off our 2019-2020 Youth season on Sunday Sep 8 @ 5:30pm-7:00pm

Each Sunday of the Month will have a focus.

  • The 1st Sunday of each month will be FAITH...a deeper dive into God's Word...with activities, lesson time, music and snacks. Sometimes we will learn and grow by searching or questioning. Sometimes we will have a guest "Keynote" speaker. We will definitely play Stump the Pastor-so bring your toughest faith based questions and be ready!

  • The 2nd Sunday of each month will focus on SABBATH practices...with a short devotion, music, and time of rest with activities that will center us. We will be reminded that in this crazy world and times that we are living in that we need (HAVE TO HAVE) a break from homework, sports, social pressures, chores and work. We will spend time together outside and indoors with all kinds of crazy Sabbath know won't be your typical meditation time!😇 (and of course snacks).

  • The 3rd Sunday of each month will be our KOINONIA (Fellowship/Re-Creation) time. This will be the Sunday that we will gather for a full meal. Fellowship, Dinner, music, a short devotion and Re-Creation will fill this night each month. It is important for our kids to remember that Worship can happen in ALL that we do including meal time, games and wacky activities that encourage teamwork and bonding.

  • The 4th Sunday of each month will focus on MISSIONS. The options for this are endless. One Sunday we may do a Service Project at the Church and the next month we may be headed to help with an Outreach in our Community. We will spend a Sunday with our friends at Farm Church in Durham and another we will be Secret "Service" for those in our Congregation. Snacks and a devotion will get us pumped for being the Hands and Feet of Jesus!

We have chosen to meet between 5:30pm and 7pm so that families can have either an early or late dinner together since Family Time is so precious. The exception being the 3rd Sunday of each month will be our KoHS-YG Family Dinner. We will ask for volunteers to help prepare and serve dinner for that Sunday each month.

Any and All are invited to join us for our activities and/or meals. We are One in the Spirit and would love the participation of all ages!

Depending on the responses below of ages and much needed volunteers, we are hoping to have 3 different age groups meeting at the same time.

(If you have filled out a slip from our bulletin and turned it in, please disregard)

Please reply to this email with:

  • Child's Name_____________

  • Child's Age _____________

  • Child's Grade _____________

  • Will your Child participate on Sunday evenings? - Yes or No

  • Are you willing to Volunteer - Yes or No

  • If Yes to Volunteering: Weekly, Monthly, As Needed? _____________

We CANNOT wait to see each of you, New and Returners!

Blessings for each of you as we begin a new Season of learning, growing and walking together on our Faith Journeys!

~Heather Daniels and our Mighty Christian Ed Team

(Have a question? Please email or call 919-623-1794)

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