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22-Nov | Support the Apex Christmas Store serving Wake County

"There are many families who do not have adequate resources to purchase gifts for their children at Christmas time. They find themselves struggling just to make ends meet for the necessities of life. Additionally, there are many other people in this area who have abundant resources. They find themselves wanting to help their neighbors, but do not know what the need is or how to help. The purpose of the Christmas Store is to bring those two groups together.

Following the instructions of Jesus, the Christmas Store is designed to help families in the towns and cities of southern Wake County who are in need during the holidays."

More about The Christmas Store Project can be found via the following sites:

How to help:

New Horizon Fellowship has set up a Christmas Store Amazon profile page to provide gift idea lists by age and gender: Link

This year with COVID-19, the best way to help stock the Christmas Store is by purchasing online at a retailer of your choice and having the gifts shipped directly to New Horizon Fellowship.

OR if you'd like to drop them off, gifts can be delivered Monday thru Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Delivery and Mailing address:

New Horizon Fellowship 820 East Williams Street Apex, N C 27502 If you would prefer to donate instead of shopping you can do so here

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